DragonBlood Soap

Don’t worry — no dragons were harmed in the making of this soap . . .



Dragon’s blood is a bright red resin from the Sangre de Drago or Croton lechleri tree native to South American rain forests. The sap has been used for centuries for many things, including skin irritations. The resin has antioxidant properties as well.

Here’s the batter in the mold just after I poured it. It’s similar to heavy cream at this point, and looks shiny. The cream color is the base without any natural colorants. The whitish layer has a little titanium dioxide, the black, a little bit of powdered activated charcoal (and believe me, a little goes a long way!) The charcoal is nice for mild exfoliation. The reddish brown layer has the addition of powdered dragon blood resin infused in oil.


After a while, it starts to set up like pudding. Then I can give the top a little loft . . .



Even though the top doesn’t look as “pretty” as it did, this gives visual texture to the top, and it will look better later –



Here’s the soap about 16 hours after I first made it. It is no longer shiny, and is able to be cut into logs. I used the drop swirl technique, pouring the colored batter from different heights into the cream batter base. I swear I see a dragon tail in there . . .



Here it is before trimming and packaging. I used a water discount for this, so it was ready in 2-3 weeks. Smells mysterious and rather like a dark forest with magic about . . .

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