Customer Feedback

I am using the Watermelon Lip Stuff, and it is wonderful! It lasts a long time and feels great! I have also used it on my cuticles, because it is easy to apply, and it moisturizes and protects. I am looking forward to trying more of the products. –Julie, Berthoud, CO

Hey! I love your luvabee product – it’s amazing! I love the lip stuff scents. — Caroline, Boulder, CO


The lip stuff is great! 🙂 It’s not too sweet or sticky at all and it comes in a ridiculous variety of yummy flavors – my favorite is the spearmint! Plus it cures chapped lips like a charm.The lotion bars are a genius idea, I don’t have to worry about lotion spilling all over my purse or backpack and it’s perfect to take through airport security! The body lotion is pretty good too, it’s a good size and doesn’t spill or make my skin oily and sticky.Everything is so cute and portable and smells really good! Good luck Luvabee! — Ana — Thornton, CO

These are great products. They keep you moisturized and smell great. I really like the watermelon, honey, and jamberry lip balms. — Nick — Boulder, CO

The Jamberry Lip Stuff smells great and makes your lips shiny and soft! I love it! — Tess — Broomfield, CO

I got some lip stuff from Kathy Harris and really like the way it feels and smells. ANd the name is great, ‘cuz that’s what we all call it, “lip stuff”, right? I also tried the lotion bar and thought it was a wonderful idea. Like that the products are local. — Sara — Boulder, CO

I love this lip stuff! And an added bonus to the lotion bar is it travels through airport security without problems that may be associated with liquids & gels. Thanks! — Karen — Belleville, IL

The lotion bar is innnncrreddible. I wash my hands a lot to keep germs at bay, but this plus the dry Colorado weather leaves my hands cracked and feeling awful. I’ve found that using the lotion bar in the morning and evening actually keeps my hand soft throughout the day, and the small cuts that were a result of the dryness have healed. Plus, it smells great! — Sara — Boulder, CO

I like to carry my lip balm in my pocket and it applies very easily that way and doesn’t melt.  The scents are authentic! — Bev — Superior, CO

I was delighted that the Honey lip balm lasted all day long. Great products! — Nancy — Erie, CO

Wonderful natural scents in the hand lotion and lip balm. Beautiful pesentation as well.  — Annie — Boulder, CO

OMG i love these things. so much. the lip stuff is amazing, and the lotion bars are awesome!! — Gabi — Boulder, CO

Love the lotion. Smells great. Can’t wait for other products.  — Barbara — Firestone, CO

Happy with the product. Bought the lip balm and lotion bar for gifts after trying myself. Enjoyed the fragrances. Highly recommend!  — Robin — Boulder, CO

I love the way I am supporting the bees when I buy this product!  And I treasure the quality of ingredients and properties of the essential oils : ) — Anne — Wabash, IN

I love the chapstick as it goes on smoothly and keeps my lips moist and protected. I also think the flavors smell wonderful. My favorite is mint!  — Betsy — Boulder, CO

Lip Stuff is GREAT stuff! It goes on smoothly and lasts better than anything I have tried before. It never feels thick or sticky. I also love the lotion bar. It is so convenient to rub on and easier than a tube or bottle. All of these products smell magnificent, the sweet clean aroma of honey is very therapeutic.   — Cyndy — Boulder, CO

I have the lotion bar by the kitchen sink and use it after every dish encounter! What a delight to find a wonderful smelling, hydrating product that doesn’t leave everything I touch greasy. After using the lip stuff on my daughter’s very chapped lip, she said, “Mom this stuff is magic and smells wonderful, just like I’m eating honey.” My personal favorite lip stuff is the mint. It both offers protection from the dry Colorado weather and a refreshing scent that remains long after the application.  — Kristin — Boulder, CO

This lotion bar smells so good I keep sniffing my arms.  — Emily — Jerseyville, IL

The lotion bar is excellent! Due to my job, I work with chemicals and cleaners on a daily basis. Washing my hands all the time had left them dry, cracked and painful. In less than 2 days, my hands were soft and healing. The scent is pleasant and not at all overwhelming. USE THIS! (great on elbows, too!) Try the lip stuff too! I absolutely LOVE it! It goes on smooth and stays on without feeling goopy or heavy. It will make your lips soft and very kissable.  — Darci — Boulder, CO

Thank you for the wonderful honey lotion bar. I have been using it daily on my dry, cracked and calloused hands and heels, and I find that it is rejuvenating and healing the skin. I keep it by my bed and apply it nightly so it can do its healing work overnight. And I love the honey smell. It reminds me of the beloved bees!   — Barb — Boulder, CO

Yum! My lips feel smooth and taste great. The fresh honey smell brings me to the meadow buzzing with bees!     — Erin — Boulder, CO

I absolutely love your products! The lip balm is amazing.  I usually use Burt’s Bees but yours has more body to it and stays on my lips better.  It works great!  The honey flavor is WONDERFUL but I like orange too.  I’ve also tried your lotion bar and tube.  I prefer the lotion bar to the tube because I can rub the bar between my hands and spread it easier.  I work with paint and clay and my hands get so dry. This lotion goes on smooth, almost slick but it soaks in fast and stays on a LONG time.  If I put it on before I start it seems to create a barrier to the elements.  NICE!   I use the lotion stick for my cuticles or my feet (those rough heels) and then put on some cotton socks for the night.  Next morning my feet are nice and smooth!  Love it!  It’s nice to know exactly what is in something I’m putting on my skin.  Your products are really nice.  I hope you expand to North Carolina!      — Deb — Outer Banks, NC

Loved it!! The lotion went on easily, smooth and non-greasy.  Smells good. The lip balms all smelled good and tasted and felt good on my lips!    — Adrienne — Boulder, CO

I love the honey lip stuff.  It smells great and stays on my lips for a long time.  I carry the lotion bar in my purse.  I own a restaurant and have to wash my hands all the time and your lotion bar keeps them soft and moisturized (and it smells great too!)      — Jaya — Superior, CO

Love the lotion bar! The coco smell is amazing! and works so well after a bath or doing the dishes!   — Allison — Boulder, CO

Hi! I’ve been working with clay and my hands get so dry so after I washed the clay off in really warm water I used the lotion bar on my wet hands and it worked beautifully. If you hands are very warm and too much melts onto your hands or your short on time to let it soak in, just wipe briefly with a paper towel and you’re good to go!     — Deb — North Carolina Marionette Theatre